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Fledgling pirate? or just want some PvP info?

Before I go into anything I have to say that THE MOST important thing in learning PvP is: don't be afraid of undocking and getting killed. It will happen, over and over again. Just make sure to learn and have fun and you will be alright in the end.
Fun is the key!!

While we in stay frosty are obviously pro pvpers and killer elite, we did not get spawned that way..
The following is not a proper guide, just some info that might help you along when starting out. The best way of learning is failing, trying over and over again, and most importantly, asking yourself "What went wrong?".
It’s not always as simple as "I messed up" or "he was better". It’s usually a combination with those 2, simple luck, and being able to tell what part of it will help you in your next engagement.

Eve is a game where you, as an alpha pilot, can actually kill a 10 year subscription pilot, I've tried this. It’s hard but possible and tons of fun. You’ll need to think about your ship and your targets a lot more, but it’s really rewarding. It also helps you grow as a pilot and expand your knowledge of PvP and combat.

There is also a GREAT Eve T1 Frig guide Made By T Sky So check that out!

General info on fitting and your ship

I could go on by saying "fit this ship like this", "fly like this" and "shoot like that", but in the end that will not teach you anything. Instead, I will go over a few things that I consider every time I make a new fit.

  1. Damage type
  2. Engagement range
  3. Control
  4. Tank
  5. Targets

1. Damage type

Will my main source of damage be from guns, rockets or drones?
Will I be able to dock and replenish drones after a fight or do I have to micromanage drones during the fight?
Will I be using Rapid lights/heavies? If so, you will have the reload to consider.
You wouldn't want to use light missiles on a close range kestrel, or Auto-canons on a Kitey slasher.
This might seem obvious, but these are some of the things that one has to consider, either consciously or unconsciously.

2. Engagement range

Will I be up in his face, kiting, or scram kiting? You have to choose your propulsion module accordingly, as well as your tank and control method.
An afterburner is typically used on Brawling ships(close range).
On a kiting ship you would probably use a MWD (micro warp drive) as it has the greatest speed, with something in your low slots or rigs that allow extra speed.
Scram kiting is the art of heating and un heating your scram and web to keep out of your enemies weapons ranges but within yours. For this, you'd want an Afterburner fitted.

3. Control

Controlling your target, through webs, ECM or other methods that allows you to dictate the conditions of the battle.
This can be done with webs to allow you to dictate the range in a close range combat. For example, you might have Auto-cannons which typically have longer range than Blasters, and you might have two webs while your opponent only has one. So you place yourself outside of his weapons’ range or in his deep falloff, meanwhile you will be able to hit him for more damage than he can hit you.
Another example involves Tracking disruptors to make his guns hit less often, or Sensor dampeners, if you're kiting, to prevent him from locking you at all.
You might use the popular triple Neut (Capacitor neutralizer) Tristan to drain your target’s cap and leaving him sitting and begging for mercy.
Control comes in many forms and you should experiment with what works best for your ship.

4. Tank: Are you passive/buffer, or active tank?

A buffer tank, is when you rely on things like Shield extenders or armor plates to increase the amount of protection/Hitpoints your enemy has to tear down. This is usually combined with increasing your damage resistance as well.
You can also use this method to hull tank your ship by using the hull expansion rig or the bulkhead low slot modules. This is popular on frigs in low-sec.

Active tank is when you have something like a Shield booster or armor repair to repair back damage taken. This tends to be capacitor hungry methods but is very common in pvp.

RARELY do you want to mix armor and shield tank.

You also have to consider the previous points, are you kitey or brawl? Kite rely on speed, and armor plates gives you a penalty to speed. That usually means that you would have to go for Active

5. Targets: What will you be hunting? Brawley, kitey, unknown?

No ship in eve can do it all, and no ship is an instant win. So you have to consider what you're up against, and build your ship to go after a specific kind of target. You might want to get those pesky kiters, so you can have dual prop(Both afterburner and Micro warp drive) to catch up to them.

You will come up against the unknown, ships you don't recognize and the best thing to do at that time is simply observe your prey. Figure out if it’s armor/shield, buffer/active, close/long range. What is the resist hole like? Should you try to pull range or go for a close orbit to out track his guns? These are things you, with time, will learn to deal with on the fly. I highly recommend trying to record your fights so you can go back and look at them later.
Or maybe, you simply want to build a brawler that can brawl other brawler.
Its up to you to look at your ship and think about what you want to do with it.

6. Other notes

The Single most important part of it all is that the ship is fun to fly!!!
2 of my favorite ships are the Solo Battle Procurer and the Solo Neresus. Simply because they are fun ships to fly, not because they are OP or super good. I just really enjoy flying them.
So go crazy and be inventive...

You can get some fits for popular ship in the "Ship fitting" section down below.

Ship Fits

You can try a few of these

I really recommend trying to make your fits on your own. That way you always know the ship and how to improve it. That being said, it's really hard when you're just starting out, and so I've compiled a few popular fits here. Take them, learn them and adapt them to your liking.

I'll add more when I have time to find fits and verify that they indeed do work.

Spatial awareness and overviews

Having a good overview is really important for fun pvp. It helps you sort out the information you don't need, to only see the information you do need, and doing it in a way that makes sense to YOU!!
I personally like Z-S Overview pack. I will go into how you can install it further down.

Knowing what to look for on your overview can be a bit intimidating, especially when you're a New Bro or just new to pvp. A few key things to think about are: Distance, Velocity, Angular Velocity and Transversal.
Distance: so that you know how far you need to place yourself from your target, and how far away you want to keep him in order to avoid damage, if possible.

Velocity: helps you to gauge what kind of fit he has (is he kitey, brawl etc). It also helps you decide how to play the fight, do you want to commit, or run? Load ammo for higher tracking(tracking bonus to your guns) or can you go low tracking? High damage ammo(high damage usually have no bonus for tracking).

Angular Velocity: is the speed that you and an object rotate around each other measured in radians per second. Crudely explained, the higher the AngSpeed, the harder it will be to hit your target.
This also means that distance matter into the calculation.
Take a look a t the pictures below for a better understanding, imagine your ship as center. This gets a bit different when you are moving in opposite directions but the general idea is the same.
As for your weapons tracking, the formula uses AngVel and sigradius to calculate your hit chance.

Transversal Velocity: is the velocity you're moving in comparison to your target(or other object) and you can use this to judge if you're going to or away from your target, and at what speed.

Eve also has a tactical overlay, this is a great tool that displays ranges and your weapons/module ranges (if you hover over the icon), and it's an essential tool. It helps you with positioning and judgement calls..

In the end it's up to you (like all things in EVE) to figure out what tools you want.

Stuff 'n' things

Installing a custom overview from in-game is super easy, it's just the click of a button. You can have a friend link it in a chat channel and then it's simply a click of a button, or go to Z-S overview’ website, or join their in game chat Channel "Z-S Overview", and you will get more instructions there.
Check out the links below for more in-depth explanations.

Check out Rixx Javix
for some nice Eve Art!

Useful crap

Converting Eve time to local time http://time.nakamura-labs.com/
Z-S overview-pack https://arziel1992.github.io/Z-S-Overview-Pack/
Joining a channel(Z-S overview channel in this case) Clicky here for Gif
In depth guide into overview and installing them https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Overview
Eve Frig guide Made B T Sky

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