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The easiest way to get all the things you want to buy is to add them to "open multibuy" in the market window, then click the icon in the top right "copy order to clipboard" and then paste them into the window down below .

Once you've pasted your fit(s) into the text box, hit Submit and it will be run thru evepraisal, all the calculations will be done and short instructions on how much to send will show up.
You only have to send me the isk, and in-game an EveMail, just copy the text in the dark Grey area and paste that into the evemail :), or if you're logged in you can click the "send mail" button to send it from the browser automagicly .

All isk will be sent to Frosty Logistics, as well as a mail with the Contract id. I will not buy anything until isk is in my wallet.
Copy/paste this into a mail, or if you're logged in you can click this button to open the mail pre written in game.
Icon Name Quantity

Stuff 'n' things

GDPR info

I do streaming from time to time on Twitch and videos get ported to YouTube

Check out Rixx Javix
for some nice Eve Art!

Useful crap

https://www.eveovermind.com/ Is useful for looking up killstreams in your area, doing quick research on guys in local and mapping and tracking your roam.

http://time.nakamura-labs.com/ Has Evetime to your local time conversion, with ability to set future dates, good for OP planning.

http://evepraisal.com/ Gets you a estimate for your items value for either of the major trade hubs.

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