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Hauling info

ALL contracts go to Frosty Logistics

The price for hauling to Ouelletta is 350 isk/m³, no collateral.


Rush and Request

I also do Rush contracts from Jita to Ouelletta. For now its the price (350isk/m3) + 100m isk fee. In addition to the contract, please send a mail to Frosty Logistics as well so I know that a rush contract have been made!

I do hauling on request from other LS station to the stations listed bellow. Eve-mail me for price discussions.


The stations I do JF to are the following:

The deadline for couriers is 13:00 Eve Time on Fridays. I will generally move the contracts on Friday afternoon/evening, but sometimes there are delays due to RL or target/mid system being Hot!! ( (Help for the lazy; disregard the date :)) )


Please do not use containers in courier contracts. I'm unable, due to eve game code, to re-contract them to my alt, so delivery will be slowed down for everyone.

If you want to ship containers use an item exchange contract with the name of the destination in the description.

Examples of containers, General Freight Container, Secure containers, Standard containers, and so on. → Listed here ←


Ships and stuff!

There is usually plenty of ships on Item Exchange contracts for Stay Frosty in Letta so do check those out.
IF you ever think the prices are wierd its simply because I set the price for what ever I bought it for + a small markup (usually 4-10% with being the max 10%max)
I also take requests for ships(with fits) to put on contract.

Stuff 'n' things

GDPR info

I do streaming from time to time on Twitch and videos get ported to YouTube

Check out Rixx Javix
for some nice Eve Art!

Useful crap

https://www.eveovermind.com/ Is useful for looking up killstreams in your area, doing quick research on guys in local and mapping and tracking your roam.

http://time.nakamura-labs.com/ Has Evetime to your local time conversion, with ability to set future dates, good for OP planning.

http://evepraisal.com/ Gets you a estimate for your items value for either of the major trade hubs.

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