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BuyBack Info

Lazy? That's okay.

I have a loot buy-back operation going on, where I offer to buy your crap for 80% Jita BUY price.
I do this Letta.

Just click the Cogwheel in evepraisal, set to 80% and then use as normal.

Contracts go to Frosty Logistics

NOTE: currently I do NOT buy crystals or blueprints (unless we have come to an agreement on this) and will consider those a gift to fuel my JF and corp ship contracts.

There is currently two ways of doing this:

1: Set up a contract with all the crap you want to sell (all repaired please) and set the item exchange to 0isk.
I will then do the calculations and send you a mail with a receipt and and the isk.

2: You, yourself ,go to http://evepraisal.com/ and paste your stuff then do *0.80 on the Buy price and set a contract with that sum. I will then verify it and accept or decline if it's okay/bad.

To easily copy your stuff I suggest putting them into a container, set your item view to list https://imgur.com/a/pAuxI

Stuff 'n' things

GDPR info

I do streaming from time to time on Twitch and videos get ported to YouTube

Check out Rixx Javix
for some nice Eve Art!

Useful crap

https://www.eveovermind.com/ Is useful for looking up killstreams in your area, doing quick research on guys in local and mapping and tracking your roam.

http://time.nakamura-labs.com/ Has Evetime to your local time conversion, with ability to set future dates, good for OP planning.

http://evepraisal.com/ Gets you a estimate for your items value for either of the major trade hubs.

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