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Corporation for Ladies and Gentlemen of Notorious Questionable Quality.

We're the killer elite. We're the best at being bad. We are Stay Frosty!
This site is mainly made for Stay Frosty and ABA for easy logistics check.
If you're interested in Joining this proud league of extraordinarily awesome derps, just throw in a application in-game.
But you might want to read a bit more about us first :) ?

About us!

What do we do?

We are a pirate corporation, we basically undock and shoot people around lowsec, being well known for the skills of (some of) our solo pilots and our will to engage everything and everywhere, even against the odds.
Most of our pilots enjoy flying solo or forming occasional fleets when the circumstances call for it, but you'll probably always find someone willing to fleet-up to roam around or set up a gate camp.

On top of that, there are weekly or bi-weekly fleets organized by our members and directors, that you can join for some group fun shooting and welping ships with your corpmates!

Your daily activity, the way you make your isk to keep your hangars full, and your zkillboard stats are entirely your own, we don't care what you do as long as you are having fun playing EVE and noone will judge you or make fun of you for those things... after all, this is a sandbox game, you are supposed to be having fun whatever way you feel like!

What do we offer?

To start with, we offer a chill and mature environment, where enjoying the game is paramount; we have no CTAs, no mandatory fleets or operations and no activity requirements (besides not going away for over a month without telling anyone about it, if you do, expect to get purged... don't worry, even then, you can just reapply when you decide to come back!).

We use Discord, both to chat with our corp and alliance mates and as comms to hang out while we do our own things or to coordinate our weekly fleets; so feel free to hop in our public channels and have a chat with the guys and girls, to get a feel of what we are like.

We are currently staging in Ouelletta - Verge Vendor, in the Gal/Cal warzone, with easy access to both nullsec and highsec; but we have plans of setting up a secondary staging in the other side of lowsec, to be better prepared to follow the content around the map when things go quiet in one of the areas.

We also have a "summer camp" in NPC Nullsec, so you can go there if you feel like enjoying nullsec roams for a season.

To better enjoy all those possibilities, we have a really cheap Jump Freighter service that makes runs to those locations on a weekly basis, so you don't have to worry about things like keeping your sec status at a decent level to be able to enter trade hubs or about the occasional wardecc... just shoot whoever you want, and welp as much as you want, we'll take care that you have more ships in your hangars ready to explode!

Besides that, you can also buy whatever you want from Jita with out great Market Tool and get it delivered to your hangar; and if you are on a hurry or just feel like flying something different, you can buy one of the already fitted and ready to roll ships in corp contracts.

That being said, you are free to move your operation to wherever you want and stage in the other side of the map if you feel like it... again, this is about freedom to do whatever you want to have fun in the game, so no restrictions!

What do we require from you?

This is pretty simple, our formal requeriments are having 10M skillpoints or more and be willing to hop on comms for a brief interview with one of our directors so we can know eachother a little better (nothing too formal, this is not a job); and we only have two really basic rules:

  • If you agree to a 1v1 or a ransom, you must honour it; no excuses.

  • Don't be a dick.

  • See? Pretty simple and straight forward!


    Join our in game channel EVEOGANDA or contact one of our directors: Rixx Javix (CEO), Argos Gelert, Devlin Shardo, Lufax,Sadic Anark, Darkon Chanlin ,Ciba Lexlulu or Watson Crick.

    As said before, you can also join our public channel on Discord!
    Good Hunting

    Stuff 'n' things

    GDPR info

    I do streaming from time to time on Twitch and videos get ported to YouTube

    Check out Rixx Javix
    for some nice Eve Art!

    Useful crap

    https://www.eveovermind.com/ Is useful for looking up killstreams in your area, doing quick research on guys in local and mapping and tracking your roam.

    http://time.nakamura-labs.com/ Has Evetime to your local time conversion, with ability to set future dates, good for OP planning.

    http://evepraisal.com/ Gets you a estimate for your items value for either of the major trade hubs.

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